Euro Lottery: Sergio Rodriguez

March 20, 2008

Act now, only have until 3/30

RCVD 3/20/2008 from premio.euro@googlemail.com

Economia Y HaciendaSpecial Notification.

Dear Internet User,
We are happy to inform you that your email address have emerged winner of
(EUR 750,000) in Europe Lottery Award.
The online cyber draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 500,000 email addresses ofindividuals
and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random online selection from the web.
No tickets were sold.
Your email address is attached t o Ref No: ESM/WIN/008/05/10/MA & Batch No:EULO/2907/444/ 908/06;
Serial No: 45407; and PROMOTION DATE: 9th March. 2008. Bear in mind that prizes will strictly be remitted
to winners that officially file in for their claim within the given time frame.
To begin your claim, you are to forward this message to our accredited claim agent including your fulnames
and telephone numbers.
Contact Person: Mr. Sergio Rodriguez.
Tel: ES +34 693362062 Call
Email: axasegurosagency@aim.com
Your prize award has been insured with your email address and will be transferred to you upon meeting the requirementof the gaming board authority which includes your statutory obligations.
Best Regards,Ç
Mrs. F. Transofa(Lottery co-ordinator).
Madrid, 12th March 2008
Note: All Won Prize must Be claimed/ Cleared not later than 30th of March. 2008. After this date, all other winnings will considered as UNCLAIMED and returned to ministerio de Economia Y Hacienda.

Pffft, 750,000 Euros. I usually win 3 times that much.



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