Email Scams, Patrick Chan Iraq

February 14, 2008

Normally I try to be good humored and snarky in response to these, but this one goes too far. (Like the Death Threat one didn’t) It sickens me how low the lowest can go.

RCVD 2/12/2008
From: Patrick Chan <dwilkinson45@mchsi.com>

Dear Good Friend,

I am Mr. Patrick Chan director of operations of the Hang
Seng Bank Ltd,Hong Kong. I have a very lucrative Business proposal worth of
24,500,000.00 USD deposited by an Iraqi named Major Fadi Basem who was with the Iraqi forces and also a business man. Upon maturity several notices was sent to him, even during the war,four years ago 2003).We later find out that Major Fadi Basem and his family had been killed during the war in a bomb blast that hit their home at Mukaradeeb where his personal oil well was.

My suggestion to you is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the
NEXT OF KIN to Major Fadi Basem so that you will be able to receive his funds.
Should you be interested please send me information?s below,

1. Full names and Age
2. Private phone number
3. Current residentialaddress.
4. Occupation.

SEND REPLY TO MY PRIVATE E-MAIL:patchan08hk@yahoo.com.hk

I will update you with further information as soon as I hear positivelfrom

Mr. Patrick Chan

Preying on people’s greed, stupidity or naivety is one thing, but to use the Iraq war for a cover story is beyond the pale. Many people have died and are dying still. I don’t know how many of them had their own private oil fields, but I would guess not a lot.




  1. Y es, I too received an e-mail asking same thing — AN OBVIOUS SCAM and a sick one at that! This person should be prosecuted at once – there are naive and stupid people out there. DO NOT TRUST SCAMS LIKE THIS OUT THERE. There obviously is no moral barometer in people like these. SOCIOPATH comes to mind

  2. I had the same letter. I tried to play along with this guy and I got him to email me his identification card. I am sure it is a fake. He sent me a name of a bank online to deposit money, he wanted 5000 to let me in in the deal, I mean in the scam against me.

  3. I too have recieved the e-mail about Aziz Musa Numan and 22.5m Ok yes I’m gullable when it comes to money. I even got passport photo’s family photo’s from him, proving that it was him, I’d even done a search on google but until now couldn’t find the same e-mail, lots of similar ones. Still I carried it on to see where it would end up and who else was involved.
    Ok so this is what happened:
    – He asks for your details as the first e-mail.
    – you google him
    – then he sends you the family photo’s
    -his (so called) bank ID and passport and certificate of Aziz’s money held
    – Ask you to set up a online account with Postbank Netherlands
    – You get even more suspicious
    – You get given the name and phone number of Colin Berhard who is the person you have to deal with at Postbank. It’s Dutch so hard to communicate with them directly other than with him.
    – They give you options of accounts with activation amounts, and how to do it, either by wire or western union
    – He then contacts you by phone
    – You then get an application form to fill out, seems real to you
    – Then the account setup number is given by him.
    – More alarm bells go off when you see a individuals name where money is to be transfered to.
    – Then tells you it’s admin. account setup person.
    – Funny enough he changed the name Kinsley Johnson to VICTORIA E STEPHEN
    So I’m not sure how many account names they have setup to scam people. So there you go, I’ve taken it almost all the way to see how far it would go. Seems they are improving their scam each time.
    After all the searching on google I’ve found heaps of different people that he’s tried this scam on. I’ve even contacted the Netherlands police. to trace his numbers.

  4. This is a “fucking” good scam. At first i think that this was just a joke. Then i lock in the nett, and find all the names and adr correct. I told him that is ether a god scam or a god chance to do some thing god in life.Yes then i felt for it, but i had a funny feeling in my stomach. When he came whit the name “Aziz Musa Numan” i lock it up, and i find this page. Thanks god for that. So i say this again.. This man has made a “fucking” good scam, ho ever hi is.. Is it possible to stop this things some how.? He say that he have found my name on the nett (I got your contact from Hong Kong commerce and Industry, he say). And if he found my name some were on the nett, than is it possible to prevent this to happen again.?


  5. I have been contacted by this guy too – now it is a General Abdullah who has supposedly died: still the same $24,500,000 available, still have to open a foreign bank account,etc. The guy is a charlatan and should be excposed.

  6. We have 6 pages devoted to this wanker scam. In fact we have lots of scams listed, why cos we love em. So hard to believe that people actually fall for this shit and lose hundreds of thousands of bucks to these low life scoundrels.

  7. He is still going. I got the email from Patrick Chan about Aziz Musa Numan (No man?) yesterday, Jan 24 2009

  8. i am from romania and i recive same email
    i dont understund what is hapend. is too much for me
    beaucouse i am simly and honest man

  9. Dobrý den.
    Já jsem také byla kontaktována panem Patrickem Chanem.Chtěl ofocené doklady totožnosti..poslal foto muže s rodinou a svoji identifikační kartu.Chtěl abych složila částku 2.900eur na zřízení účku u Postbank.V ten moment bylo jasné,že jde jen o podvod a vytahování peněz z lidi.Divím se,že se tím ještě naše správní orgány nezačall zabvat.

  10. moi ossi g reçu mais keskil gagne a faire ceci?? il gagne de l’argent??

  11. Hi everybody!
    I got @ from Patrick Chan also, regarding Aziz Musa Numan… Unfortunately he has offered me only 30% from 22 000 000 USD…
    The most interesting thing was that he wrote me first mail in (my) Polish language!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))) Of course he made “computer” translation – it was even a bit hard to understand… That is really something ;-)))))

  12. i got this scam yesterday this mr. patrick chan sent me his photo id and family id but i told him to call me because i didnt believe any of it and he said he was at work he will call me after and he hasnt called me since. it was very dumb of me to even give out my number do you think he can look up my number and find my address?

  13. Hello!

    I am so sorry when I see that since now, nobody did anything to stop this scam… Today I received a message from this guy and I didn;t answer him, but he emailed me again…Let’s do something people…let’s stop him somehow!!!

  14. Hi all, my name is Too Can Choo (not my real name) just the one I sent to Mr Chan, c’mon guy’s, you have to play the game with these idiots, sure send a reply, but with totally false details just to waste their time, be creative in your replies, tell them you will fly in your private jet and meet them at a pre arranged location, and that you will be carrying 1mUS in your briefcase. Give them what they want, your Swiss bank account numbers, like Swissaccount. No.554330098 with password of (cashitin).

  15. brother be sharp minded……..lets have alook…
    i also got the same e-mail when i asked for his info ..he thanked me thinking i’am intrested in all this….. okkk
    lets ask him to send 30 percent of the amount.in advance to your own account if he did this then its all urs… if not then he will not again contact u

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