Email Scams, George Manda

February 12, 2008

Mr Manda should seriously consider investing in a spellcheck before attempting to do international business deals.


My name is Mr.George Manda. Please kindly allow me to inform you about this
deal which I have been wrapping up for years now, and which I will love
to do with you as it is the reason why I have contacted you. Although
this proposal may come to you as a suprise, but I would want you to
understand that this deal is 100% legal and risk free, though it
requires confidentiality. What I need from you is trust and your honest
coperation for us to execute this project for our benefit only.If you
really believe in deal, get back to me or give me a call on my private
telephone number for details. I await your urgent response.

Have my best regards.
Mr.George Manda

Actually George, I’m not “suprised” at all. As a matter of fact I have been getting quite a bit of recognition for my business dealings. Sorry, but until I finish wrapping up the many deals I am working, I can offer no “coperation” I will however pass your number on to interested parties.



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